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John Thomas's Legacy  



How does a little baby boy have a legacy when he wasn't even able to take his first breathe? Most people say they can't. Some people say "he" wasn't even a newborn, he was a fetus, but I will tell you John Thomas's life meant more then anyone could have imagined. He was our little boy. Our baby buckaroo. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, little John Thomas was a life. A life that grew in me for nine months, almost a year, he exsisted. When he was in my belly he kicked, slept, dreamed, cried, smiled, played games with us, and my favorite, he had the hiccups all the time. He listened to us, especially his Daddy. After he was born we found he had little blonde curls, a head full. He looked just like Daddy, but had mommy's ears and mouth. He was a baby all right and no one can tell me different. He was and will always be our son. He taught my family so much. He taught me not to take things for granted, not to complain about little things that go wrong or that are tough, for you do not know how long you will have something. He taught my husband to love deeper. I think he both taught us life and how precious it really is. This in turn taught us God. God should not be something you have to learn at such a late age, but now we know him, we feel him in us. We trust in him and know our lives rest in his hands. And no matter what happens or how hard it gets he will pull us through. This is not our whole life, this life on earth is just the begining. We love God with all of our hearts and do not know how we ever lived without him.  Our Son, John Thomas, has a legacy. He gave my family and I much more than what was taken away. As much as it hurt to lose him he gave us peace with life and with ourselves. That is our son's legacy.
He will be riding the horses in heaven.


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